Platform Features

Discover our platform’s key features, designed to optimize your lead generation strategy. From detailed analytics to seamless integration and personalized support, we provide everything you need to streamline your process, enhance lead quality, and improve ROI.
The dashboard in our system provides a detailed overview of key metrics. It includes a date picker for custom time frame analysis, displays amounts spent, average lead cost, conversion rates, top countries for leads, and other vital metrics.
Lead Filtering
Our system includes filtering capabilities, enabling clients to sift through leads based on specific criteria such as Geolocation, interest level, projects, product type, and more, ensuring they receive the most relevant leads.
Conversion Report Tool
The conversion report tool, enabling clients to upload details of converted leads using identifiers like mobile number, email, or lead number. This feature aids in tracking the effectiveness of purchased leads and refining future lead quality.
Bulk Purchasing Options
For clients with large-scale needs, we offer bulk purchasing options, which allow for the acquisition of leads in larger quantities at competitive prices.
Lead Sorting
Clients have the flexibility to sort leads by various fields such as location, lead score, product, project, and more, providing a customized lead management experience.
Export Functionality
The system allows for easy export of lead data, enabling clients to seamlessly integrate these leads into their own databases or marketing tools.
Pay Per Lead Model
Clients are charged only for the leads they receive, aligning costs directly with the value provided and ensuring a cost-effective approach to lead generation.
Transfer Leads to CRM
Leads can be directly transferred to a client’s CRM system, streamlining the process of managing and nurturing these leads further.
Automation technologies optimize the lead processing workflow, from initial capture to final distribution, ensuring speed and accuracy.
Price Filtration
Companies can filter leads based on price, allowing them to focus on leads that fit their budget criteria.
Daily Quota

The dynamic Daily Quota system, designed to intelligently manage the volume of leads each client receives.

Access To Landing Pages
Clients gain access to our landing pages which are used to generate the leads.
Employee Sub-Accounts

Each Employee sub-account can be allocated a daily budget limit, enabling employees to purchase leads within set financial boundaries. This feature facilitates decentralized lead management .

Artificial Intelligence

Our platform leverages advanced AI-driven analytics and decisions to elevate the quality and relevance of each lead, ensuring they meet the highest standards and align with client-specific needs.

Online Chat Support

We offer online chat support to provide immediate assistance and address any queries or issues our clients may face. This service ensures  quick resolution of concerns and guidance in using the system’s features.

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Yes, our system allows you to filter leads by price, enabling you to select leads that fit within your budget criteria.
Yes, you can easily export lead data to Excel, allowing for seamless integration and further analysis within your own systems.
No, creating sub-accounts for employees is optional. It’s a feature designed to offer flexibility in lead management but is not a requirement to use our platform.

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