Lead Generation Process

From initial brainstorming to the precise delivery of processed leads, we meticulously tailor each step to meet our clients’ specific goals.
Idea Generation
The process begins with brainstorming and idea generation. We identify the projects that need lead generation and understand their specific requirements. This involves researching the market, understanding the target audience, and defining the client’s goals.
Lead Specification Gathering
We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs. This involves gathering information about the geographical area they are targeting, the intention of the lead, the type of product or service, and any other specific requirements they may have.
Creating Creatives
We move on to creating engaging and compelling creatives for the ads. This includes designing visuals and crafting copy that resonates with the target audience. The creatives are designed to attract attention and spark interest in the product or service.
Running Ads
The next step is to run the ads on various online networks and social media platforms such as Google, Instagram, and Facebook. These ads are targeted towards the defined audience and are optimized for maximum reach and engagement.
Traffic to Landing Pages
The ads are designed to drive traffic to our landing pages. These landing pages are built with advanced technologies and are tailored for specific projects within the sector. They are designed to capture the interest of the visitors and encourage them to take action.
Capturing Leads
The landing pages are equipped with forms to capture lead information. When a visitor fills out the form, their information is captured as a lead. The forms are designed to be user-friendly and to capture the necessary information without being intrusive.
Processing Leads
The captured leads are then sent to our system. Here, they are processed using Artificial Intelligence and automation technologies. This involves filtering out duplicates, verifying the information, eliminating spam and scoring the leads based on their quality.
Delivering Leads
Finally, the processed leads are delivered to the clients. They are neatly organized in tables and sorted by industry. Clients can refine their search using filters such as price and source, enabling them to purchase the leads that best fit their needs.


No worries. Our streamlined system is designed to handle the complexity, ensuring you receive high-quality leads without any hassle on your part. Just log in to the system to find the leads ready.
Yes, we tailor the process to fit the unique needs of each industry, ensuring optimal lead relevance and quality.
Absolutely! We welcome your insights and preferences during the Idea Generation phase to ensure the strategy aligns with your goals.

Transform Your Lead Generation Strategy

Dive into a world where quality leads are just the beginning. Let’s collaborate to tailor a lead generation process that aligns perfectly with your industry needs and goals.