Lead Features

Here is a list of the essential aspects of our lead generation service, highlighting how each feature is designed to provide you with the most effective leads

Qualified Leads

Leads are pre-qualified through a filtering process, ensuring you connect with individuals genuinely interested in your offerings.

Exclusive Leads
Our leads are exclusive, meaning once a lead is sold to a client, it is not resold, ensuring our clients have a unique opportunity with each lead.
No Duplicates
We eliminate duplicates with our advanced algorithms, delivering only distinct leads to maximize your conversion potential
Duplicate Protection
If a lead re-registers within the protection period, it’s excluded from resale and instead listed separately for free for client reference.
Geo-Specific Leads
The leads are targeted based on geographic location, ensuring you receive leads that are most relevant to your regional market focus.
Fresh Leads
The system is constantly updated, providing fresh leads on an hourly basis, and giving clients access to the most current opportunities.
Extra Industry Fields
Our system includes additional fields specific to different industries, enabling more precise targeting and relevant lead generation.
Lead Types
Filter leads based on their registration method, including native forms, web forms, or those originating from organic or paid traffic.
Lead Quality Scoring
Each lead is scored using specific quality parameters, ensuring the system maintains a high overall lead quality for optimal conversion rates.


Our system employs Automation and AI to process incoming leads, striving to publish them within minutes. During a single visit, you may discover leads freshly registered or those from several hours ago, varying based on factors like your last visit.
Yes, our system allows you to view and select leads based on their type, such as web forms, native forms, or traffic type, before purchasing.
Yes our diverse lead sourcing strategy, encompassing various social media channels and websites to ensure a rich collection of leads.

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