Lead Qualification Process

Our lead qualification process is crafted to deliver highly targeted and relevant leads through five-level steps. Starting with tailored ad creatives, progressing through multi-faceted landing pages and forms, and culminating in advanced AI filtering, each step is designed for optimal lead precision. Explore these five levels in detail below to understand how we ensure the delivery of top-tier leads to our clients.

Ad Creatives Level

Commitment Keywords

Using above-average commitment keywords in ad creatives to gauge preliminary interest levels before visiting the Landing Page.

Price Indication

Displaying prices or starting-from prices in ads to indirectly assess if potential customers have the budget for the product or service.

Influencer Engagement

Collaborating with influencers and trusted personalities to enhance word-of-mouth credibility and build trust among ad viewers.

Landing Page Level

Price Range Display

Showing a range of prices to further determine the budget capabilities of potential customers.

Product Information

Providing details about products and locations to discern genuine interest in our offerings.

Multilingual Pages

To ensure that visitors fully understand the offers and products in their preferred language.

Lead Capturing Form Level

Form Validation

Ensuring all fields in the form are correctly filled to maintain data quality.

Capturing Main Intent

Identifying primary intentions like 'buy property' to focus on product-related leads.

Qualifying Questions

Incorporating product-related and demographic questions to refine lead qualification.

Irrelevant Intent

Dropping leads with non-product-related intentions, such as job seekers.

System Lead Capturing Level

Initial Screening

After capturing the lead, our system undertakes a thorough examination to verify the completeness and accuracy of the data provided.

Duplication Check

Employing algorithms to identify and eliminate duplicate leads to ensure that the same lead is not counted multiple times.

Lead Scoring

Evaluating the potential value of each lead based on interaction, source, time spent on the landing page, demographics, and qualifying questions.

Ai-Assisted Filtration

Using AI technology and machine learning algorithms to predict lead conversion likelihood and enhance lead quality.

Ai-Assisted Intent Identification

Implementing third-party services to verify the genuineness of lead intent by analysing online footprints.

Buying Level

Delivery Of Qualified Leads

Presenting clients with qualified, scored, and segmented leads organized in accessible tables, based on sector and projects.

Customizable Lead Selection

This allows clients to refine their selection using filters like price, source, product, intent, and other specific parameters to best match their needs.


No worries. Our streamlined system is designed to handle the complexity, ensuring you receive high-quality leads without any hassle on your part. Just log in to the system to find the leads ready.
Yes, we tailor the process to fit the unique needs of each industry, ensuring optimal lead relevance and quality.
Absolutely! We welcome your insights and preferences during the first three phases to ensure the strategy aligns with your goals.

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