Discover the power of automation at, where our sophisticated system transforms the way leads are managed from start to finish. Each stage of automation is carefully designed to optimize lead quality, accuracy, and relevance, ensuring our clients receive the best possible prospects. Explore the key stages of our automated lead processing

Automation Stages

Auto Lead Capturing

Initiates the lead generation process by collecting initial data and converting it into structured lead objects.

Auto Classification

Organizes leads by industry, sector, project, and landing page to ensure precise targeting and relevance.

Auto Data Processing

Cleans and standardizes lead data by filtering out unnecessary characters and enriching information.

Auto Duplication Check

Identifies and flags any leads that may be duplicates of existing entries in our database.

Auto Duplication Resolving

Decides the fate of duplicate leads, determining whether to eliminate them or retain them based on specific criteria.

Auto Data Verification

Validates critical lead details, such as ensuring phone numbers and email addresses are genuine and accurate.

Auto Spam Detection

Quickly detects and removes spam and fraudulent leads, adding them to a blacklist to ensure consistent lead quality.

Auto Data Generation

Enhances extra lead data with automatic detection of geolocation and gender, adding valuable context to each lead.

Auto Lead Scoring

Assigns quality scores to leads based on a variety of factors, helping prioritize leads with the highest potential for conversion.

Auto Stock Management

Maintains an optimal balance of leads in stock, adjusting flow based on source lead stream, and daily quota requirements.

Auto Lead Publishing

Manages the release of leads from stock to the available Leads pool, guided by criteria that ensure fairness and quality.

Auto Pool Management

Oversees the leads available for purchase, ensuring exclusivity by removing leads from the pool according to clients' daily quotas.

Auto Ad Optimization

Analyzes daily performance data to refine ad campaigns, aiming for increased conversion and interest rates.

Auto Optimize Landing Pages

Utilizes data analysis and insights from A/B testing and heatmaps to continually enhance landing page effectiveness.

Auto Reporting

Generates reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, providing our experts with the needed insights.


No worries. Our streamlined system is designed to handle the complexity, ensuring you receive high-quality leads without any hassle on your part. Just log in to the system to find the leads ready.
No, our Auto Duplication Check identifies potential duplicates. If found within the protection period, Auto Duplication Resolving will eliminate them, ensuring you only receive unique leads.
Yes, through Auto Stock Management and Auto Pool Management, the system manages lead volume and availability in real-time, ensuring you receive a steady flow of leads aligned with your daily quota.

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