Daily Quota

Leads.land implements a unique “Daily Quota” system, designed to optimize the lead distribution and purchase process for our clients. This system plays a crucial role in balancing lead availability with client needs, ensuring a steady and manageable flow of leads. Here’s an overview of how the Daily Quota system works and its implications

Definition and Purpose

The Daily Quota represents the expected number of leads a company and its employees are committed to purchasing each day. This system is instituted to regulate the flow of leads through Leads.land’s marketing channels, preventing an overload in the databases and ensuring a consistent supply to meet daily lead demands. It aids in maintaining control over lead prices and their fluctuations.

Calculation Method

The quota is determined through a specialized mathematical formula that considers the lead purchase history over various time frames, including the past 3, 7, 14, 35, and 90 days. It places more weight on recent purchasing behaviour, meaning a company’s recent lead buying patterns influence its Daily Quota. Regular purchasing increases the quota, while inconsistencies or gaps in purchasing lead to a decrease.

Factors Influencing the Daily Quota

Lead Availability
A sufficient supply of leads can lead to an increase in the daily quota.
Consistent Purchasing
Regularly buying larger numbers of leads increases the daily quota.
Purchasing Gaps

Failure to purchase leads, even for a day, can cause a sharp decrease in the daily quota.

Account Balance
If a company’s financial balance is depleted and not recharged, the daily quota will decrease.
New Accounts
For new company accounts, the Daily Quota starts low (e.g., 5 leads per day) and can increase over time with consistent purchasing.
Selective Purchasing
Overly selective buying, especially when lead numbers are limited, may reduce the company’s ability to meet its daily quota, thus decreasing it the following day.
Opting Out
Failing to meet the Daily Quota may reset it to zero, leading the system to offer only surplus leads beyond the total quota for all clients, if available.
Advance Reporting
Notifying us at least 3 working days in advance of inability to purchase leads, this will minimally impact daily quota compared to not notifying us at all.

Non-Influencing Factors


The Daily Quota is not affected by a lack of lead purchases during weekends or official holidays.

Technical Issues
Website errors that hinder a company’s ability to purchase leads do not impact the Daily Quota.


Your daily quota is initially determined by our system, but consistent lead purchases and engagement allow for adjustments, reflecting your ability to manage a larger number of leads effectively.
No, the end of the month marks a period where we hit critical limits that can’t be surpassed due to increased prices from sources and a dip in registrations, preventing us from offering any company more leads than their set daily quota.
Yes, we apply daily quotas to private projects as well, but adjustments to increase or decrease the quota happen at a slower pace, considering the specific requirements of these projects.

Secure Your Daily Quota

Lock in your daily quota to ensure a steady flow of leads and carve out your significant slice of the market.