Middle Eastern Expansion for London Academy

A premier London-based online academy offers a broad range of professional development courses, aiming to tap into the growing Middle Eastern market for quality international education.


Email Marketing

Strategy Implemented


After implementing new strategies and analyzing data over 12 months, we estimated the results with our client’s assistance as follows:
0 %
Conversion Rate
Achieved a 4.7% conversion rate from inquiries to enrollments, indicating strong lead quality and effective targeting.
Daily Leads
Successfully generated 150 daily leads for the call center from the Middle Eastern market.
New Agents
The number of Arabic-speaking agents in the call center was increased from 1 to 5 over 12 months to adequately handle the demand
Client Feedback
The client was highly satisfied with the strategic entry into the Middle Eastern market, praising the tailored marketing and the significant rise in enrollments. The academy appreciated the comprehensive strategies that effectively promoted their courses while respecting the region's cultural dynamics.