Your sales team deserves high quality leads!

By providing leads that are carefully screened and highly relevant, you enable your team to focus on what they do best: closing deals.

2.85% Avg Conversion Rate.

Fresh Leads

Providing fresh leads on an hourly basis.

Exclusive Leads

Once a lead is sold to a client, it is not resold.

Qualified Leads

Leads are pre-qualified through a detailed filtering process.

No Duplicates

We eliminate duplicates using our advanced algorithms.

What Sets Our Leads Apart

In a crowded market, standing out means not just reaching out, but reaching right. Our lead generation processes are crafted with precision and foresight, designed to deliver real business growth opportunities. Our commitment to quality ensures that each lead we deliver meets stringent criteria.

Expanding Reach, Exceeding Expectations

we’re not just about generating leads; we’re about creating pathways to new opportunities.
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Leads Generated

We’ve connected over 3.5 million potential customers.

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We’ve crafted over a thousand campaigns.

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Long-Term Clients

Clients who have been with us for the long haul.

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Landing Pages
We’ve tailored landing pages that drive qualified leads.

Changing the way Leads are Generated!

Years Experience
Avg Lead Conversion Rate

Pay Later, Pay as You Go

No contracts, no yearly or monthly commitments. Simply top up your account, select, and purchase the qualified leads as per your specifications.
Pay Per Lead Model

You only pay for the leads you select and purchase via our system.​


You only invest in the results, as we handle the risk by paying for the traffic sources.

Never Pay for Campaigns Again

Say goodbye to hefty upfront marketing payments with other marketing agencies!

Where Our Leads Come From

Lead Protection Guarantee

Our system ensures each lead is unique, offering a protection period for sold leads to prevent duplication. If a lead re-registers within this period, it’s excluded from resale and instead listed separately for client reference, ensuring exclusivity, and maximizing investment value.

How Do We Generate Leads

Specification Gathering & Planning
We gather client requirements and create tailored strategies to ensure leads meet their specific needs.
Creating Landing Pages & Campaigns
Our experts design compelling creatives, craft landing pages, and drive traffic.
Collecting & Delivering Leads
Our system collects and processes leads promptly, delivering them organized to clients.

How It Looks - Explore the Interface

Transfer Leads to Your CRM

Harmonizing Processes

Lead Specification Gathering begins by understanding each client’s specific needs to tailor the lead generation approach accordingly. Read More

Lead Generation Process oversees every aspect from initial brainstorming, crafting landing pages, running campaigns, to the delivery of  leads. Read More

Lead Qualification Process ensures top-tier lead delivery to clients through a meticulous five-level stage approach. Read More
Lead Optimization Process maximizes client ROI by refining landing pages, forms, and campaigns for enhanced performance and efficiency. Read More

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Empowered by Automation & AI

Lead Handling & Processing

Captures, organizes, and cleans lead data automatically, enriching it with essential details and ensuring authenticity for precise targeting.

Duplicate & Quality Control

Identifies and manages duplicate leads, enhances quality through spam detection, and prioritizes leads based on their potential for conversion.

Distribution & Optimization

Manages lead stock and distribution, optimizes ads and landing pages based on performance data, and generates insightful reports.

Platform Highlights

Transfer Leads to CRM
Leads can be directly transferred to a client’s CRM system, streamlining the process of managing and nurturing these leads further.
Export Functionality
The system allows for easy export of lead data, enabling clients to seamlessly integrate these leads into their own databases or marketing tools.
Bulk Purchasing Options
For clients with large-scale needs, we offer bulk purchasing options, which allow for the acquisition of leads in larger quantities at competitive prices.
Lead Filtering
Our system includes filtering capabilities, enabling clients to sift through leads based on specific criteria such as Geolocation, interest level, projects, product type, and more, ensuring they receive the most relevant leads.
Employee Sub-Accounts

Each Employee sub-account can be allocated a daily budget limit, enabling employees to purchase leads within set financial boundaries. This feature facilitates decentralized lead management .

Conversion Report Tool
The conversion report tool, enabling clients to upload details of converted leads using identifiers like mobile number, email, or lead number. This feature aids in tracking the effectiveness of purchased leads and refining future lead quality.

Leads Land - Your New Lead Source

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