Leads Marketplace

How does this work?

It is actually pretty easy, you have a business that depends on Leads Generation; and we generate thousends of Leads daily.

(1) Online Campaigns

(1) Online Campaigns

We run thousends of ads on different social media and online networks like Google, Instagram and Facebook to generate traffic for hundreds of landing pages which has forms to collect the leads info.

(2) Optimization &  Analytics

(2) Optimization & Analytics

We keep optimizing all the ads, landing pages and sources to qualify the traffic and leads generated by our campaigns. We filter duplicates and low quality leads using complicated scripts and human input.

(3) Pick your leads

(3) Pick your leads

All generated leads are listed in tables categorized by Industry. You can filter them by: Price, Quality score, Source, Age and much more fields related to your business Industry, and purchase the leads you want.

Leads Sources

Our experts always search for new sources to generate leads from for each Industry, so you can qualify the leads sources for your business. We depend on Google Search and other search engines and most of the popular social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Youtube. Moreover we do Email Marketing and SMS campaigns periodically to get benefit from these strong sources. Also we apply all kind of re-marketing techniques and smart advertising.


We have made this as simple as possible!

In our Leads Marketplace platform we integrate powerful features to help you in finding the right leads for our business with more efficient and utilized way.

leads land features
Features List

  • Advanced Leads Filter
  • Lead Quality Score
  • "My Leads" Area
  • Export Leads (excel,csv,copy)
  • Fresh Leads every hour
  • Purchase in bulk*
  • Sort with any field
  • Wallet system
  • Extra Industry fields
  • Purchase per your need
  • Online/Offline Payments
  • Access to Landing pages!

Who can buy Leads?

Companies or individuals from the following industries who depend on Leads Generation to make sales.

  • Real Estate (Sales/Rent/Lands)
  • Forex & Trading
  • Online English Courses
  • Institutes Training
  • Financial Services
  • Business Services
  • Beauty Services
  • Fitness & Weight Loss
  • Travel & Tourism

Flexible Pricing System

Each Lead has its own price calculated using sophisticated system taking in consideration the lead quality, country, city, industry, source and other business variables. Luckily, we have leads starting at 0.5$ for some sectors.

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